Optical Networks

Title - Optical Networks: A Practical Perspective

Second Edition

Rajiv Ramaswami & Kumar N. Sivarajan, “Optical Networks: A Practical Perspective, Second Edition”
Morgan Kaufmann l PDF l 863 Pages l 41.1 MB

ISBN - 1558606556

Book Description :

This fully updated and expanded second edition of Optical Networks: A Practical Perspective succeeds the first as the authoritative source for information on optical networking technologies and techniques. Written by two of the field’s most respected individuals, it covers componentry and transmission in detail but also emphasizes the practical networking issues that affect organizations as they evaluate, deploy, or develop optical solutions.

This book captures all the hard-to-find information on architecture, control and management, and other communications topics that will affect you every step of the way-from planning to decision-making to implementation to ongoing maintenance. If your goal is to thoroughly understand practical optical networks, this book should be your first and foremost resource.

* Focuses on practical, networking-specific issues: everything you need to know to implement currently available optical solutions.

* Provides the transmission and component details you need to understand and assess competing technologies.

* Offers updated and expanded coverage of propagation, lasers and optical switching technology, network design, transmission design, IP over WDM, wavelength routing, optical standards, and more.

About the Author

Rajiv Ramaswami leads a group planning and designing photonic switching products at Nortel Networks. He has worked on optical networks since 1988, from early research to product development that includes stints at IBM Research, Tellabs, and Xros (now part of Nortel). He is an IEEE Fellow and a recipient of the IEEE W. R. G. Baker and W. R. Bennett prize paper awards, as well as an Outstanding Innovation award from IBM. Rajiv received a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of California at Berkeley.

Kumar N. Sivarajan is cofounder and chief technology officer at Tejas Networks, an optical networking start-up in Bangalore, India. He has worked on optical, wireless, ATM, and Internet networking technologies for over a decade, first at IBM Research and then at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He is a recipient of the IEEE W. R. G. Baker and W. R. Bennett prize paper awards. Kumar received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the California Institute of Technology.


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