Encyclopedia of Animal Science

Title - Encyclopedia of Animal Science

Wilson G. Pond & Alan W. Bell, "Encyclopedia of Animal Science"
Marcel Dekker l PDF l 965 Pages l 70 MB

Book Description :

Collaboratively compiled, organized, and edited by Cornell University's Department of Animal Science academicians Wilson G. Pond and Alan W. Bell, Encyclopedia Of Animal Science encompasses animal physiology, animal growth and development, animal behavior, animal reproduction and breeding, alternative approaches to animal maintenance, meat science and muscle biology, farmed animal welfare and bioethics, and food safety. Organized with quick and reader friendly descriptions of technologies critical to professionals in animal and food science, food production and processing, livestock manage-ment, and nutrition, Encyclopedia Of Animal Science consists of almost 300 entries ranging from adaptation and stress to zoos and aquariums. Enhanced with 100 full-color photographs, 2500 references, hundreds of figures, equations and tables, Encyclopedia Of Animal Science covers all of the new developments in genomics, transgenesis, cloning, and mathematical model constructions. With examinations of the latest studies on animal genetics, nutrition, lactation, reproductions, as well as animal biodiversity, biotechnology, environmental stability, and more, Encyclopedia Of Animal Science is an essential, core addition to any corporate, academic, or governmental agency Animal Science or Food Safety reference library collection.

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