An Encyclopaedia of Language

Title - An Encyclopaedia of Language

N. E. Collinge, "An Encyclopaedia of Language"
Routledge l PDF l 570 Pages l 5 MB

Book Description :

In this indispensable reference, twenty-nine leaders in the field describe how language works--accounting for its nature, use, study, and history. An Encyclopaedia of Language provides a truly comprehensive overview of how the various branches of linguistic study have arrived at their current positions. It divides the subject into three logical sections: 1) the "inner nature" of language; 2) its interaction with other disciplines; and 3) some special aspects of its study and use.

Readers will find detailed coverage of: how language works; how language is taught and learned; phonetics; grammar and semantics; how linguists research their subjects and interpret results; second languages; language and computation; writing systems; the history of language study; the evolution of language; the distribution of languages around the world; lexicography; dialectology; and other topics.

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