Encyclopedia of Human Ecology

Title - Encyclopedia of Human Ecology

Richard M. Lerner, Lawrence B. Schiamberg & Pamela M. Anderson, "Encyclopedia of Human Ecology"
ABC-CLIO l PDF l 777 Pages l 14 MB

Book Description :

The complex nature of human ecology is examined in this encyclopedia. Entries are drawn from the studies of individuals and groups (as in psychology and sociology, for example); from the professions "intended to enhance individual and family life" (education, public health, etc.); and from the various disciplines and professions that study environments, both natural and designed. A sampling from the more than 250 entries includes Aging and technology, Air quality, Child and family poverty, Cognitive and language skills, Contemporary men's movement, Evolution, Family diversity, Functional clothing design, Gender and environment, Juvenile justice system, Osteoporosis, Sustainable development, and Youth sports. Profiles of individuals who have contributed significantly to the field of human ecology are given entries, among them Erik Erikson, Arnold Gesell, and Margaret Mead. Each of these entries provides a brief biographical sketch in addition to a discussion of the individual's work and contributions.

The encyclopedia is arranged in alphabetical order. Following each entry is a see also note listing related topics and a "References and Further Reading" section. Complete bibliographic citations range in number from 5 or 6 for some entries to 30 for others. The cited works generally refer to the literature of recent years and should be readily available for more detailed study. Some entries are accompanied by black-and-white photographs.

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