Encyclopedia of Food and Culture

لوحة أوز ميدوم الشهيرة

Encyclopedia of Food and Culture, Volumes 1-3
(Scribner Library of Daily Life)
by Solomon H. Katz, William Woys Weaver (Editors)
Hardcover: 2004 pages
Publisher: Charles Scribner's Sons, Thomson Gale; 1 edition (December 17, 2002)
ISBN-10: 0684805685
ISBN-13: 978-0684805689
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As the title implies, the encyclopedia discusses food in its relation to society. The 600 articles, arranged alphabetically, cover everything from the significance of Betty Crocker to bioactive food components. Chronological scope encompasses the Paleolithic origins of hunting and current trends such as comfort food and fusion cuisine. Length of the signed articles ranges from less than a page for most biographies (Birdseye, Clarence; Escoffier, Georges-Auguste) to more than 10 pages for Dairy products and Sensation and the senses. Some topics, among them Beer, France, and Fruit, are examined in series of subentries.


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